Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chris Colfer

No one does sad like Chris Colfer.

Has their even been a young actor that
can show sadness like the great Chris
Colfer who plays Kurt Hummel from Glee?

I don't think there is, sure there are actors who
can on cue, there are actors who can go from
happy to sad in a instant, but I have never seen
an actor show deep hurt like Chris.

In scenes when he is not crying, it looks like he
has been for weeks, he acts with his eyes,there
was no makeup, he may have been in the back
ground, but he stole the scene.

The 21 year old was recently on Piers Morgan
show on CNN, talking about politicians who
want to shake his hand, but will then go away
and vote against his lifestyle.

The intelligence level of this young man is through
the roof, we need more young actors like Chris
on TV and we need less of the reality show type young

Hats off to him, may he enjoy a long long career.

He deserves it.

Heat Win Game One

Miami Heat win game one, 92-84, thanks to King
James who scored 24 points and took six

The game seesawed with Dallas Nowitzki
being very quiet until a period late in the
first half, where he scored seven points in
a short span of time.

The turning point in the game had to be with
LeBron James hitting a three pointer right on
the close of the thrid quater, that changed moument
got the crowd exicted and broke the hearts of

If the Mavs can start rebounding, I still say they
will take the series, but thats a big if.

Time will tell.


1. I thought it would be a good idea to get back to my daily posts. For some reason, when I write these things, they turn into a list of jokes. I never set out to do this, but it just happens that way. Sort of like getting drunk and having sex with the goat.

2. The House puts the cock block on Senate Democrats trying to raise the debt limit. Unfortunately, the ruffies and champagne will take over before the end of the night, and those House Republicans will find themselves freshly fucked in the backseat of a car.

3. This is a good article:

3 Life-Changing Truths from 3 Years of Minimalism

Unfortunately, minimalism will not get you laid.

4. I watched the Frontline report called "WikiSecrets." The gist I got from it was that Bradley Manning was pissed about being a gay man in the military under DADT. So, in anger, he goes out and changes the world. For this, he needs to be executed. Great journalism, Frontline. I still hope they cut your federal funding.

5. Cellphones might give you brain cancer. This is debatable since there is no evidence. But there is evidence cellphones make you drive slow as fuck irritating people like myself who wish you would get brain cancer and DIE!!

Connecting Minimum Age Restrictions in NBA/NFL with Jim Tressel and Ohio State mess

Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe makes the connection in this piece, in which he interviews Alan Milstein, a contributor to this blog who litigated on behalf of former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett in his antitrust challenge to the NFL's age limit in 2004 [I provided Alan with legal analysis during the litigation].

Here are a couple of excerpts of Zach's piece:
* * *

As I devoured SI’s fantastic Jim Tressel reporting and the avalanche of stories covering Tressel’s resignation from Ohio State University, I kept thinking back to the concept of age limits in the NBA and other leagues, even though the age limit issue is not precisely implicated in the Tressel case.

Amid all the alleged details of no-show jobs, tattoos-for-memorabilia, small cash gifts and cars (oh so many cars), I asked myself two questions:

1) Why do we care about this?

2) Why are these players in college?

* * *

The [NBA] has made noise about upping it to 20, a move the players’ union has said it opposes, even though the union does not represent players outside the league. Some members of that union — marginal veterans — have at least a slight interest in keeping the best 18-year-olds out of the league, right? Sources close to both sides have said the age limit is a very minor issue amid the collective bargaining talks, so it’s unclear exactly what the rule will look like a year from now.

Alan Milstein is a lawyer who represented Maurice Clarett in the Ohio State running back’s suit against the NFL’s age limit, and he has said before that he is looking around for the right player to challenge the NBA’s rule. Milstein told me today that any move to increase the age limit will accelerate his fight against it. “If they add another year, I have absolutely no doubt that somebody will be ready to challenge it,” Milstein said. “It will certainly make the pool of potential litigants bigger.”

* * *
To read the rest, click here.

Donald Boudreaux: I'll Take That Bet

Writing in the WSJ last week economist Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University offers to make a bet in order to make a point about human-caused climate change in response to Bill McKibben's silly essay from earlier in the week in the Washington Post:
I'll bet $10,000 that the average annual number of Americans killed by tornadoes, floods and hurricanes will fall over the next 20 years. Specifically, I'll bet that the average annual number of Americans killed by these violent weather events from 2011 through 2030 will be lower than it was from 1991 through 2010.
I am willing to take this bet in order to raise awareness of the fact that both sides of the debate over climate change debate can't see the forest for the trees.  The factors that will drive loss of human life due to weather extremes in coming decades will be increasing vulnerability and exposure.

As a condition of the bet, when I win (which unfortunately will occur long before 2030) I ask that the proceeds go directly to the American Red Cross. (Should I lose the bet come 2030, I'll make out a check to the charity of Prof. Boudreaux's choice.)  A second condition is that Prof. Boudreaux agrees to write an op-ed for the WSJ (or some other venue) explaining the bet and why he lost (of course, I am willing to do the same).

Here are the technical terms of the bet that I will accept.  Prof. Boudreaux refers to three hazards: floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.  The dataset that he proposes using is the official record kept by the US National Weather Service (available here in PDF through 2009, and here in PDF for 2010).  This leads to the following summaries for the base period of 1991-2010 proposed by Prof. Boudreaux:

Tornado Flood Hurricane
1991 39 61 19
1992 39 62 27
1993 33 103 2
1994 69 91 9
1995 30 80 17
1996 26 131 37
1997 67 118 1
1998 130 136 9
1999 94 68 19
2000 41 38 0
2001 40 48 24
2002 55 49 53
2003 54 86 14
2004 34 82 34
2005 38 43 1016
2006 67 76 0
2007 81 87 1
2008 126 82 12
2009 21 53 2
2010 45 103 0

1129 1597 1296 4022

In his WSJ column Professor Boudreaux asks his readers to subtract the deaths from Hurricane Katrina because they were the result of a levee break.  It is not clear whether that was just a rhetorical move for the column or if that calculus also extends to the bet. He can clarify that for me in his response. With Katrina the total is 4,022 deaths and without Katrina the total is about 3,000 (again, Prof. Boudreax can tell me which number he prefers).

So far 2011 has seen 518 deaths from tornadoes.  This means that from today through 2030 the United States could see only 3,500 additional extreme weather deaths, or 180 per year (using the higher baseline that includes Katrina deaths, or 154 per year using the lower number of 3,000).  Such numbers would represent an improvement over 1991-2010, and Prof. Boudreax would still lose the bet.  We should be so lucky, and it would take a lot of luck, to see so few deaths due to extreme weather.

The fact of the matter is that our vulnerability to extreme weather is increasing, due to a combination of a growing population and especially urbanization in locations prone to extreme weather events.  This means that even with the hard work by many professionals in a range of fields that has contributed to the dramatic decrease in the number of deaths over recent decades low death totals are unlikely to continue into the future, as this year's tragic tornado season tells us.  Of course, given expected societal trends a reversal in statistics would not necessarily mean that our disaster policies are failing.  What it means is that our responses to extreme weather require constant vigilance, investment and continued hard work.

In trying to score points in the debate over global warming Professor Boudreax misses what really matters most on this issue.  And that is why my response to his question, "Do I have any takers?" is "Yes."

I will email Prof. Boudreaux with this post and update with his response.

Coming up tonight on the Tuesday Night Sports Show - 31st May 2011

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- In another packed show we give our reaction to the sacking of Dave Jones by Cardiff City and Swansea’s play-off victory over Reading yesterday.

- In cricket, Cardiff played host to an extraordinary, if rather rain-affected, test match which saw England pull off an unlikely victory over Sri Lanka and we look ahead to the second test starting this Friday.

- Gavin Rees takes on Andy Murray for the European lightweight title this Saturday night at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. Our boxing expert Matthew Eves joins us to preview the fight.

- Yousef looks back at the action from UFC 130.

- In rugby we look ahead to Wales taking on the Barbarians this Saturday at the Millennium Stadium in the first of their world cup warm-up matches, a game which sees the return of Gavin Henson.

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England v Sri Lanka at Cardiff 1st Test Review

By Zaheer Haque

The Home International series was eagerly anticipated after England’s magnificent ashes win down under first time after 24 years.

The First Test of the Series took place in Cardiff in front of crowds numbering hundreds not thousands which was a huge disappointment and not a great advert for the game.

The ECB should seriously consider where they hold future tests and hold them where they will be guaranteed a huge turnout. This is essential for the interest and development of the game and increased revenue. 

The weather played a huge part in this Test Match as much of the match was lost to rain and looked as though when play started 3pm on Day Five that it would end in a draw. However Day Five play was not only shocking but also extraordinary considering the pitch was docile throughout the whole match heavily in favour of the batsmen.

Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bat first which was quite a surprise to me as I would have bowled first with the moisture on the pitch and the overcast condition. Also it would have been ideal for them to bowl first with the type of line & length medium pace bowlers and two spinners.

The Sri Lanka openers made a very good start as England didn’t fully exploit the pitch and conditions and bowled too short at times. Also the selection of bowlers I felt were not right ones for this match firstly Broad wasn’t match fit and I would have not selected him for the first two tests. I would have asked him to play few more county matches to get fully match fit and to get rhythm back into his bowling.  Also I would have not played Tremlett in this match purely to do with the type of pitch as he is more a bang in bowler it was more conducive for a line and length bowler.

The solid start by openers in the first innings in which both made fifties wasn’t capitalised by their two world class players Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene. They both fell cheaply and may have been the consequence of playing in the IPL and not playing in the warm up games which the openers benefited from.

The lower order made handy runs to get Sri Lanka to 400 largely thanks to great 112 by wicketkeeper Prasanna Jayawardene.
England Innings also started the same way as Sri Lanka with lack of penetration by any of the Sri Lanka bowlers. Strauss was out to a shot which was very uncharacteristic of him in the slips. Trott then joined Cook and it then became a run fest with both scoring magnificent 100’s. Cook was finally out for 133.Kevin Pietersen came in after a long partnership of 251 between Cook and Trott and was out very cheaply for 3 which was disappointing for all to see.

Trott carried on his long vigil and helped himself to a brilliant 203 before he was out.
England batted on till Ian bell also cashed in with a great 103 not out. England finally declared on 496-5dec a lead of 96.  England decided to declare although they could have batted on and on especially when they were down to three specialist bowlers.  Jimmy Anderson sustained an injury in the first innings which ruled him out to bowl in the 2nd innings and also whole of the Lords Test Match starting Friday 3rd June.

The two teams must have felt that the game will just become a complete stalemate with Srilanka batting out the overs whereas England using it as much needed bowling practice.
The events that followed in just under 25 overs of Sri Lanka 2nd innings wasn’t imaginable by both sides especially the way the pitch played out throughout the whole Test Match with not much in it for bowlers on either side. 

Sri Lanka capitulated in 24.4 overs all out for a mediocre 82 and scenes of utter disbelief by those playing and watching especially with England only having 3 bowlers. It was amazing as all three England Bowlers made the ball do the talking and bowled magnificently and was in complete contrast to their first innings efforts.

Sri Lanka's line up was heavily batting orientated and must be heavily scarred by their sudden loss of the match. It will be difficult for them to get back into the series with Lords and Rose Bowl more bowler friendly pitches than the one at Cardiff.
England will be full of so much confidence and they will surely take this into the remaining two test matches. 

Kettlebell Sport Training Program Generator

Here is a good training aid. A Kettlebells Sport Training Program Generator for biathlon. It is great for creating a good set/rep/weight progression. It has an accent on lockouts, which makes it good for competitors. Just click in your equipment, level, and progression rate and voilà!
http://www.girevik.info/gsprogram/eng/index/index (LINK)

The inventor behind the generator is Kalle Pykkönen: one of the Finnish lifters that competed in Uddevalla in March.The generator is all free. Thanks Kalle!

Snatch 20kg

Snatch 20kg: 7/7, 14/14, 40/40, 30/30,21/21,14/14,14/14 (tot volume 140/140)
There's nothing like a 20kg-session. Moreover, I wont feel as guilty when I play struggle with 28-32kg.

Lewis wins AEGON British Tour event

Chris Lewis upheld Welsh honour by winning the AEGON British Tour competition in Cardiff. The Cardiff-based Neath player, currently ranked fifth in Wales, beat Richard Gabb, from Somerset, 6-4, 6-2, in the final at the Wales National Tennis Centre.

Lewis, aged 29, had previously beaten Wales’ number two, James Hignett, of Cardiff 7-5, 6-3 in the semi-final. Last year, Lewis was runner-up in the same tournament. He went on to represent Wales in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, where he and Josh Milton reached the doubles quarter-finals.

“It feels great to still be able to perform at a high enough level to win these types of event,” he said. “I had just taken some juniors on tour in Turkey and was able to get some good practice in there, which seemed to help.

“I’m now looking forward to taking this form into the summer events.”

Peter Drew, chief executive of Tennis Wales, added: “I congratulate Chris on an excellent performance - it’s great to see a Welsh player winning a high-level event here in Wales.” 

For information about tennis in Wales, please contact Tennis Wales at 029 20 463335 or www.tennis.wales.org

Scorpions chairman looks forward to second Caerphilly date

South Wales Scorpions’ chairman Phil Davies is looking forward to the second of the two Scorpions Rugby League matches at Caerphilly RFC this Sunday when the Welsh side take on Workington Town (kick-off 1pm).

The match culminates a weekend of Rugby League at Virginia Park which sees Crusaders under 18s take on Warrington Wolves there on Saturday (kick-off 2.30pm) while “Scorpions Super Sunday” sees Caerphilly host an under 13 junior Rugby League festival before the Scorpions game which starts at 9am.

“Caerphilly RFC have been have been fantastic in staging our games while The Gnoll is being reseeded,” said Davies. “We have a very good crowd along for the Oldham match a few weeks ago and they witnessed an excellent 40-20 win for us. There was a very good atmosphere at the ground and that was thanks to many local sports fans who came to the game after seeing it advertised in the town or in their local school.

“We’d like to thank Mike Johns and everyone at Caerphilly for being excellent hosts to us and hopefully we’ll have another good crowd for you again this Sunday.”

The Workington Town fixture holds special memories for Davies as it was against this side that the Scorpions took on in their very first game back in February 2010 and won an exciting encounter 22-20.

“I don’t think anyone believed we could win that day,” he remembers. “We went 20-0 up and then Workington showed their experience, fought back and made it 20-all before Lloyd White kicked a penalty late on.

“Rowland Phillips, who was captain of Workington when they were in Super League in the 1990s, was at the game and he couldn’t believe that we were beating an experience side like Workington Town in our very first game. It set us up for that season, and in the history of our club as a whole, especially in the way of team confidence and we qualified for the play-offs at the end of the season on the back of our good run at the start.

“It’s been a bit more difficult for us this year with a lot of new young and up and coming players in the side but we haven’t done too badly in the first half of this season winning four out of ten games which is the same as Workington (and Oldham and Doncaster).

“It means that this game should be tight. We lost a close match up there in April in one of the toughest grounds in the league to go to with one of the most passionate set of home fans. That’s why it’ll be good to see a large crowd again this Sunday cheering us on and helping us to have the advantage.”

Please go to www.scorpionsrl.co.uk/caerphilly to buy tickets or for more information on the Scorpions Super Sunday as a whole.

Continued Deceleration of the Decarbonization of the Global Economy

Last summer I noted a distinct trend since 1990 of a deceleration of the decarbonization of the global economy.  What does this mean in plain English?  It means that the the trend of emitting less carbon per unit of economic activity -- in place for much of the 20th century -- was slowing down.  This slow down was occurring despite intentions expressed in policies around the world to accelerate the trend, despite assumptions in virtually every major integrated assessment model that the trend would begin to accelerate even in the absence of such policies and despite the rapid deployment of renewable energy around the world.

New data has just been released which allows for an update of the data that I presented last summer through 2010, and the update can be seen in the graph above. The data shows that in 2010 the world saw the rate of change in its carbon dioxide emissions per unit of economic activity continue to decrease -- to zero.  (The data that I use are global GDP data from Angus Maddison extended using IMF global GDP growth rates and NEAA carbon dioxide data extended to 2010 using the 2010 growth rate released by the IEA yesterday). 

The deceleration of the decarbonization of the global economy means that the world is moving away from stabilization of concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and despite the various reports issued and assertions made, there is no evidence to support claims to the contrary.  For more on why this is so, I recommend this book.

What Players Want From Their Parents

The relationship between players and parents can be a major issue at times for coaches.

Coach Mike Bickerman of Rushville Industry High School in Illinois handed out a surgery for his players to answer.

"I had a meeting to finalize summer stuff with the kids. I gave them an informal survey which said what do you expect from yourself (3 spaces), your teammates (3 spaces), and your parents/family (3 spaces). Of the 106 possible answers I got for the 3 blanks under parents and family, 36 (or 34%) had something to do with the word "support". I think possibly our kids don't feel supported....or maybe they do feel supported and crave more of it. It just jumps off of the pages."

I went through the list as well. 

If you include the words: support, games, help, encourage, back me up ... well over 70% have to do basically with the concept of supporting them.


Have you planned out when you're going to do you personal questionnaire and fun activity?

Paul Scholes has retired

Paul Scholes has announced his retirement from all
of Football.

Manchester United will never be the same.

Fans on Facebook and Twitter are sending in their
best wishes to one of footballer's best, a huge day in
Football and a huge day for Man United.

Man United will never be the same

What a Career!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Most Anticipated Final Series for 20 years

And here we go!!!

I haven't looked forward to an NBA final series
this much since a certain number 23 decided to
fly thru the air and bang in six three pointers.

This promises to smash TV ratings thru the
roof, the international media is out in force,
Basketball is truly a global game now and
it's largely thanks to the forgein players
in the NBA and this year, one German
by the name of Dirk Nowitzki.

All the focus before the start of the season
was the heat and King Lebron,  a  players hated by
all (except those in Miami) and his star studded
Heat team, who people started to call the Manchester
City of Basketball for trying to buy a Championship.

During the playoffs, the focus has turned to Dallas
and  its all been Dirk, and I'm kinda guessing this final
series will be all about Dirk, which is amazing because
there is so many star players.

You have a final series that contains Dwayne Wade and
Jason Kidd and  Bibby and Bosh, you have King James
you have a owner who promised Dallas a title, you have a
owner who is trying to buy one.

All this and its going to be one German that will steal
the show his focus, his ability, his drive his professionalism
will bring the title to Dallas and he will gain his first ring.

Then again, I might have it all wrong and the Heat will
win in five.

Time will tell.

A Swedish Guest

Last week I received a new bicycle for an extended test ride and review: a Pilen Lyx. The distributor (BoxCycles) gave me a choice of colours and I took a gamble once again instead of just asking for black. This time the gamble paid off: The unusual shade of blue looks as stunning in person as it did in pictures. It is an ethereal "northern skies after an afternoon storm" sort of blue that I just want to keep staring at.

A small Swedish manufacturer, Pilen has been producing bicycles since 1998. The worksmanship looks outstanding.

The finishing on the TIG-welded frame with lugged fork crown, seat collar, and capped seat stays is up there with the quality of high-end custom frames.

I will cover the frame details in the review after I've had more time with the bike, but so far I am pleasantly surprised.

Nice headbadge, too. Pilen means "arrow" in Swedish.

The lady's frame is available in one size only and it is huge: 56cm or 58cm (22"+), depending on how you measure it. At 5'7" I had to slam the saddle down, but I'm used to that: my Gazelle and Raleigh DL-1 are the same size.

Here are the Gazelle and the Pilen together. The Pilen will be kept outdoors for the duration of its visit, which will allow me to test its resistance to the elements. The distributor assumed this as a matter of course, since that is how he keeps his own bike and that is how Pilens were designed to be stored.

I've been riding the bike since Friday, but am not ready to describe the ride quality yet. It is not like a Dutch bike, and neither is it like an English roadster, so I am trying to "understand" it. I am also still messing with the handlebar and saddle positions and will hold off on my impressions until I get those just right.

But wait, there's more...

In their generosity, the distributor has given me the green light to give this bicycle away once I am finished reviewing it. There are no strings attached: I can just give it to one of my readers in any way I see fit. This is exciting, and I already have an idea for a contest that is kind of kooky, but hopefully fun. So if you are a taller lady, the Pilen could be yours! The final review will probably be ready in 3 weeks' time, and that is also when the bicycle will be given away. Stay tuned and I will post more about the contest next week!

Down Go the Dodgers: the Stow Suit Deepens the Debacle

The legal web cast over the storied Los Angeles Dodgers franchise just keeps getting more tangled. The family of injured San Francisco Giants fan, Bryan Stow, filed a nine-count Complaint against the Dodgers, its various holdings, and owner Frank McCourt. Stow was severely beaten in the parking lot following the opening day game between the Dodgers and Giants and remains in a coma in a San Francisco hospital. The much publicized incident has occasioned harsh criticisms on Dodgers management, but has also inspired generous charitable contributions from many parties, including much maligned former Giant, Barry Bonds. The Complaint includes various counts ranging from negligence, infliction of emotional distress, loss of consortium, and assault and battery. The full Complaint can be read here.

The allegations paint a picture of gross mismanagement of funds and resources attributable to the McCourts. The public picture already painted by the much publicized divorce proceedings between McCourt and his wife, Jamie, and their insistence on maintaining their posh lifestyle despite financial misfortune would seem to support the allegations. The complaint focuses on a myriad of inadequate security measures in place as a result of McCourt’s lapses in judgment and spending. Dodger stadium was built in 1962, and the Stows partially attribute the incident to inadequate and antiquated parking lot lighting where the beating occurred. A further contributing factor cited is the “half-off” alcohol promotion for day games at Dodgers Stadium. The most obvious danger, however, is the vastly insufficient quantity and quality of security personnel. McCourt subsequently acknowledged the shortcomings in security (including a drop in the number of uniformed police utilized and no chief of security) and took remedial measures, but that is of little consequence to Stow and his family.

Following, but presumably unrelated to, this heinous incident, Major League Baseball assumed control of the Dodgers. By all counts, MLB was compelled to this move by an apparent lack of financial management. The Commissioner can assume control of teams under his broad power to act in the best interest of baseball and clearly it is his prerogative to prevent further embarrassment to a once proud franchise and ensure the safety of patrons. Mike discussed the full legal ramifications of the takeover in his Sports Illustrated column last month.

Generally, spectators assume the risks associated with attending a live sporting event (e.g. foul balls), but that does not preclude an owner’s liability when certain actions or omissions exceed the spectator’s reasonable expectations, like assault and battery. Fortunately for the Dodgers Defendants, the general rule is that premises owners are not liable in tort for the intervening criminal acts of third-parties. However, a question for consideration that may allow the Plaintiffs here to survive dispositive motions are what level of security was provided by the Dodgers to patrons in the parking lots and at the taxi stands prior to the incident, as the same may show that the Dodgers assumed a level of control that removed the organization from claiming shelter from liability for the intervening criminal acts of third-parties. Remember that actions taken by the Dodgers, under MLB control and otherwise, since the incident would likely not be allowed as evidence in a liability action against the Dodgers as the same would be regarded as a post-remedial measure.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, say MLB has with regard to the named Dodgers Defendants as the same are now under some level of control by the League; a control that McCourt has been fighting against. Certainly the filing of this lawsuit is not helping the League’s efforts to reverse the downward spiral the Dodgers organization finds itself in.

Community Spirit at its Best

Marriage is Stupid

Celebrity break ups and divorces fascinate me. I don't care about the marriages or the beginning of the relationships. I just like watching them implode. The reason for this is obvious. I like watching rich good looking famous people experience the same misery the rest of us do. It isn't that I don't want them to be happy. I just appreciate the fact that they demonstrate on a regular basis the futility of it all. The bottom line is that marriage is stupid.

I have written on the topic of love before in Love is Bullshit. That is a popular post. The fact that marriage is bullshit is just an extension of that earlier piece. If love is a doomed enterprise from the start, it definitely makes no sense to tie the knot.

I am sure we are all familiar with the stats. Half of all marriages end in divorce. This number may be declining as more people wise up and decide not to marry. The more telling stat is the fact that the vast majority of both men and women report cheating on their spouses leaving the rest to lie about it. I have read that 80% of all marriages are touched by infidelity. This is damning considering that people have overwhelming incentives to lie and delude themselves.

Men have no incentive to marry. There is nothing for them to gain from the arrangement. A man can only lose in the deal unless he is marrying some rich heiress dumb enough to not ask for a prenup. For women, the opposite is true. A man is a virtual slave once he ties the knot. This is why women want rich older successful men to tie the knot with. This is a way for them to acquire money they did not earn.

The older guy might not be able to perform sexually anymore, but this isn't a problem for the woman who is not going to be faithful anyway. Marriage just makes a cuckold and a sucker for any man foolish enough to fall in the trap. Or, he may find himself in a loveless sexless marriage.

The smart man is wise to this trap and stays out of it. He knows marriage is a raw deal. He knows that what women want is security which means money to burn. Women consider sex some atrocity to endure in order to "earn" the money they are going to blow. Don't get me wrong. Women enjoy sex. They just don't enjoy sex with their husbands.

The stupid man falls for the lies, marries, gets cheated on and used, and tossed like a sack of garbage. Or, he is a total cad being married to a woman for social reasons while getting much ass on the side. Either way, marriage is really dumb for either the cuckold or the womanizer.

For the smart man, the problem comes when he dates some woman who starts putting the pressure on him to marry. When this happens, he needs to move on. This is the end of the relationship because the woman has revealed her true desire--your money. Suggest to her that you have nothing to gain from marriage and that she should earn her own money as befitting a liberated modern woman. Watch that smile turn upside down. Then, she will lay the guilt trip on you about you not loving her. Agree with her. You don't love her. She doesn't love you either.

The simple fact is that humans are not monogamous and love is a lie to make us reproduce. Marriage only brings money, property, and the custody of children into this septic tank of stupidity. Divorce is rampant, heartbreaking, and expensive. Yet, as the joke goes, divorce is expensive because it is worth it. Generally speaking, women profit from the marriage, but men profit from the divorce. Men will go on, and their lives will improve. The women's lives tend to stagnate unless they can find some other sucker to take them.

Society has certain expectations that we all marry, but society is wrong. Being single means being free. It means owning your own property and not sharing it. It means making your own decisions and doing whatever the fuck you like. But the best thing about being single is that you can dump your lover at the drop of a hat, and you will. Relationships are temporary. Marriage is like trying to turn a disposable razor into an heirloom with the results you would expect from such a foolish endeavor.

Love is one big colossal cruel fucking joke. When you are unattached, you can at least walk away from the joke. When you are married, you are trapped. That is the point. This is why women like marriage. It delivers what they really want which is not love but security. Marriage is an attempt to make permanent an arrangement that cannot last. The only thing that becomes permanent is misery.

I know few happily married couples. Those few happy couples are the bait for the trap in much the same way that a few lottery winners inspire the rest of the people to play a losing game. Deciding not to marry is not going to keep you from finding this wonderful person that might truly make you happy. What will keep you from finding this right person is being married to the wrong person for a decade or more. So, you are always better off remaining single because it keeps you out of a bad situation but also leaves you more open to a good situation.

For the women reading this, it may piss you off to no end, but do I lie? Are women anything other than gold digging sluts? I'd sure like to meet one that wasn't. But so far, I've never met a chick that wasn't after the money. When I realize that a woman is more interested in what I can do for her than what I am as a person, her ass is gone.

Never getting married is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am much better off, and I have zero regrets on remaining a bachelor. As for loneliness, the world abounds with whores. This includes the married ones who cheat. Love is dubious, but lust is constant. You can always count on lust.

Wellington Phoenix to move to Auckland?

Say it anit so!

Or all the bonehead moves in sport, this
would have to be the worst, why would you
 move a sports team away from a city that has
 Made that sports team. The Phoenix
are Wellington and vise versa.

They are the most passionate sport supporters
 in all of the  country, but for some reason Frank
 Van Hattum wants to move them to Auckland.

I dont see how he could do this, does NZ Soccer
 have a huge ownership in them???

You also have to ask yourself, why
Auckland? They have never supported
Football, the crowds to the major matches are
 always low.

It's a kick in the face to the good people of
Wellington, and we can only hope that common
sense will prevail.

Time will tell.

Good for Welsh football or one heartbreak too many?

FLYING HIGH: Brendan Rodgers celebrates with his Swansea
players following their 4-2 win over Reading at Wembley.
If there's one thing I've learned in my 34 years it is that sport is never dull.  Writing on the evening of an incredible (and only hours ago entirely improbable) test match win for England over Sri Lankan here in Cardiff, I'm full of the joys that competitive sport can bring to both players and spectators.

However, the other side of the coin is the heartbreak and frustration that losing can bring.  This feeling is always exacerbated when the victors are local rivals, always intent on spoiling your party.  I write today about Swansea City; promoted to the Premier League for the first time and becoming the first Welsh club to join the elite ranks of English football.  This on the same day that Cardiff City sacked their manager of six years, Dave Jones.  The decision to terminate Jones' contract came as no surprise to the majority of fans, but has divided opinion between those who say he was tactically inept and had 'lost the dressing-room', versus folks who ask 'who's a viable replacement'?  This argument will rumble on for days to come, but for me I'd like to see either Roberto Di Matteo or Chris Hughton, both of whom would bring an entirely new style of play as the Bluebirds begin their rebuilding.

Swansea's promotion, though, is also polarising opinion amongst the Cardiff City faithful.  The rivalry between both clubs has always been turbulent and sadly often violent. This has done nothing to convince many English fans of the merits of having a Welsh club in the Premier League.  Perhaps the bigger picture is the impact that Swansea's promotion will have on Welsh football. As of August this year, some of the finest teams and players will be travelling down the M4, beyond Reading, to play at the Liberty Stadium.  The boost for local economy will be invaluable during these harsh economic times.  The city of Cardiff itself may also benefit with away fans possibly stopping off in the capital to enjoy our exciting city before and after games.  Swansea will hopefully look to use some of their promotion payment to not only buy players, but invest in facilities for youth training and development.  For me, this can only help Welsh football if, as a result, new talent emerges and a new genertion of homegrown players breaks into the national side.

Let's be clear; I'm writing from a very long-term perspective.  In the here and now, Cardiff City fans will be feeling the double blow of losing their manager and seeing their biggest rivals promoted in one day.  My views will not be liked by some either.  Surely, however, once the dust has settled we must all hope that the English Premier League benefits from a touch of Welshness and that Swansea flies the flag for Wales during the coming season, remaining in the Premier League ready for season 2012/2013 when they can look forward to the derby of derbys against a resurgent Cardiff City.

Francis Taylor.

Jerk Orange

Jerk 2x20kg: 5
Jerk 2x24kg: 5
Jerk 2x28kg: 2,4,15,10, 6,4,4 (vol 45reps)

That's all. Happy with dip speed for once.

Changing rules

MLB, team officials, and the media are talking about the rules governing collisions at home plate, following the pretty gruesome injury Giants Catcher Buster Posey suffered in this collision last week.

ESPN's Jayson Stark inadvertently touched on two significant jurisprudential issues and how sports reveals them. First, Stark decries that it took this injury to get people talking about changing these rules:
It always takes something like this -- something like the horrifying sight of Buster Posey lying there, face in the dirt, writhing in pain -- to get folks talking. Why is that, anyway?
Now, after the fact, people are asking what we can do to protect both catchers and baserunners from these scary two-vehicle pileups at home plate. NOW, in retrospect, people wonder if there's a way to tweak the rulebook in the name of safety. So here's a question: How come, in baseball, we never seem to have conversations about what we can do to prevent these moments BEFORE they happen? Why is it always after the fact?
Why? Because law is almost always reactive. Legislators (and, as I have argued before, the Commissioner and MLB are, at bottom, legislative actors) make legal rules in response to a problem, usually after the problem has been demonstrated by one fairly horrific or problematic example. But that is in the basic nature of legislation. We usually do not know we need to change a legal rule to prevent X until X occurs and we see the full consequences of X. Or at least to see the full consequences of X to know that the cost of allowing X to continue outweighs whatever benefits from it.

Moreover, law responds to individual stories, which are what overcomes the stasis needed to change rules, even in a relatively simple system such as a sports league. Collisions at home were not considered a problem in need of a solution; the occasional high-profile injury (Ray Fosse, anyone?), while known and unfortunate, did not outweigh these collisions as a long-standing part of the game. Now, everyone is rushing to act because this one set of facts put the issue on the legislative table.

Second, Stark points out that: 1) No one can figure out what the best rule should look like and 2) Catchers were the group most opposed to changing the rules. This demonstrates the problem of legislating off of single, rare, especially horrific stories or sets of facts. Rulemakers tend to ignore the uniqueness of the one story or its outlier nature and rush to change the rule to make sure this unique event does not happen again. But in doing so, they risk eliminating the positive aspects of the old rule and creating a new regime that, while eliminating the targeted problem, creates a host of new ones. In a rush to act, they also risk misweighing the costs/benefits of the old rule, ignoring that the unique story is "part of the game" and outweighed by its benefits. This is why it is so telling that the players most affected by the situation oppose the change--they understand that injuries happen and accept that as the risk. The question is how much rulemakers will consider that "expertise." On the other hand, I am surprised no one has mentioned concussions and head injuries. Although there is no evidence of a problem based on diagnoses, it is logical that some head injuries are involved with the sorts of collisions involved. If so, it gives legislators something to act on beyond this one particularly gruesome case.


Following an overall review and reflection on the performance of the team over the 2010 / 11 playing season, it has been decided to give Dave Jones notice to terminate his contract as manager of Cardiff City Football Club.
Speaking on behalf of the Club, Chairman and Board, CEO Gethin Jenkins said:
"We would like to thank Dave Jones for his considerable efforts with the Club over the past six seasons. He leaves his post in the knowledge that he has left the Club in a far better position than when he arrived.
"Dave's tenure has seen Cardiff City Football Club develop from a standpoint of Championship stability through to becoming regular promotion contenders, while also having taken the team to a FA Cup Final.
"His efforts in the recruitment and development of players also meant that the sale of these players at times enabled the Club to survive. He has also had a significant contribution in the development of training facilities and the stadium during his Cardiff City career. We thank him for all that he has done and achieved with the Club and wish him well for the future."
A search will now begin for a new manager which will be lead by CEO Gethin Jenkins and Director Alan Whiteley for recommendation to the Board.


I am learning a valuable lesson right now. This lesson has to do with values and association. More specifically, it has to do with whether or not a militant atheist and a devout Christian could ever be married. I think the answer is fairly obvious.

On Facebook, I noticed a lot of libertarians also have libertarian spouses. I don't think this is coincidental. Like with the Christian and the atheist example I gave, I don't see how a libertarian and a statist could make it.

If there is a key to a successful relationship, I think it lies in having shared values. All my relationships with women have been failures, and I realize that none of the women I dated shared my values. I basically kept my mouth shut until I had enough and said fuck it.

I can be friends with people of different backgrounds and persuasions. I am friends with many theists and statists. I am also friends with people who don't give a fuck about any of those things. It is not really an issue because we find something in common in other areas whether it is merely an interest in politics or philosophy or because we are coworkers or like sports. I find it extremely easy to make friends with just about anyone. The same is not true with my relationships with women or my family.

I see our relationships as occupying an inner circle and an outer circle. Most people have a large inner circle and a small outer circle. My situation is the opposite. My inner circle is very small while my outer circle is vast. I have 5000+ Facebook friends, am very popular at work, but I eat dinner alone and sleep on the couch. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I don't even talk about it because it is just damn embarrassing at this point. When you realize that the two of you have so little in common that you can't even have a conversation anymore, the relationship is over.

I have never had a meaningful romantic relationship in my life. I can't identify a single woman that I have ever dated that I can say has had a positive or memorable impact on my life. The result of every break up I have ever had has been a dramatic improvement in my life and my mindset. I have never dated a single woman who made me a better person.

I don't know what all my ex-girlfriends think of me since there is no one to conduct an exit interview. I suppose I am hated or at least forgotten. I just never talk to them or run into them. I did run into one of them at the bookstore, and she gave me the hint that she'd like another spin on the merry-go-round. I turned her down.

What I realize is that the reason things don't work out for me in this area is because I date women who don't share my values. All of the conflicts revolve around these differing values. No two people are going to be exactly alike, but there needs to be a large amount of common ground in order to make joint decisions. I am simply an uncommon individual.

Some women may not necessarily share the same values as you, but they are at least supportive of you and what you do. Unfortunately, I see these women as being about as useful as picture frames. This would be marrying a Filipino and making her your glorified housemaid. I have never been interested in this type of relationship. It goes completely against my values.

What I want in a relationship is clear to me now. I want to be with a woman who shares interests with me. I want to date a woman who is a libertarian and an atheist. I want to be able to have an intelligent conversation with her instead of listening to her bitch about problems and money. If there is one thing all my ex-girlfriends have in common, it is that they are all incredibly stupid and boring. Imagine this conversation:

MAN: We have discovered something vital in the laboratory. It is a way to turn solar energy into a liquid fuel to be used in cars. This process can be done at a fraction of the cost of what it takes to refine oil into gasoline.

WOMAN: OK, whatever. Can I borrow some cash to fill up my car?

Now, I don't have anything to share that is as groundbreaking as a new clean fuel that will change the world. But that second line is verbatim from a conversation with an ex-girlfriend. Who wants to be with someone like this?

Being with these stupid worthless woman is a living death. I have learned something from the Objectivists, and it is to not waste your life on a woman that doesn't share your values. This same principle extends to family members.

The Objectivists believe in the trader principle when it comes to personal relationships. This means giving value for value. Familial relationships rarely follow this model. They are usually lopsided since family members rarely share the same values. It would be like a guy with real money trying to make exchanges with people who have Monopoly money. The funny thing is when those with the Monopoly money refuse to take their own money in trade.

I asked my ex-girlfriend why she dated me, and she told me that I kept a job and always worked. I didn't drink, do drugs, or any of that shit. I paid my bills and gave no drama. I believed in fidelity. When I asked myself why I was dating her, the answer was pretty clear to me. There was no reason. I dated her because there was no one else. She had none of the values I had. I got nothing out of the relationship except her indifference.

I have evolved into my present viewpoint in this matter. Without values, there is no meaning to a relationship. There is no point in dating someone who isn't simpatico with you. When you are with the right woman, you should feel like a very lucky man to have found someone like her. I have never found a woman like this. I don't even know a woman like this. I doubt I ever will.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Right of Way and Driver Education

Last night we were returning home on our bikes. As we approached an intersection where we needed to make a left turn, we signaled and moved to the leftmost part of the lane. A motorist approaching the same intersection behind us began to honk. We turned around, confused. The light had just turned red and all three of us were stopped at the intersection. She continued to honk. We asked what the problem was. She rolled down her window, and the conversation went something like this:

Motorist:  What the hell are you doing?!
We:  What do you mean?
Motorist: You're not supposed to be in front of me like that, you're blocking the road!
We: We're using the road just like you. Why are you honking?
Motorist: What the hell am I supposed to do when you're blocking my way?!
We: You're supposed to wait for us to turn.
Motorist: But you're not supposed to be there if I need to get by. You don't have the right of way!
We: What? Of course we have the right of way, we were here first.
Motorist: Unless you're in the bike lane, you do not have the right of way! You're supposed to let me get by!
We: Bicycles have the right of way just like any other vehicle.
Motorist: Not if you're not in the bike lane!
We: Yes. Check your facts.
Motorist: No! You check your facts!

I don't know how things would have gone had the light not turned green at that point, but it did. The motorist floored the gas pedal and veered around us in order to proceed straight as we made our left turn.

It's not so much the motorist's rudeness that I found alarming  (she was screaming at us), but the fact that she genuinely believed that cyclists did not have the right of way unless they were in the bike lane. In other words, she thought that if a cyclist needed to make a left turn, they must stand aside and wait for all the cars behind them to pass before they were allowed to proceed. This is blatantly incorrect, but that doesn't help any in situations like this.

In my view, lack of drivers' awareness about bicycling laws is largely responsible for cyclist-motorist confrontations. When I first began riding a bike in Boston, drivers would occasionally scold me for "breaking the law" (i.e. cycling on the road). Now that bicycles have become more common this seldom happens, but yesterday's encounter shows that misunderstanding of road rules still exists. I've read that in areas where this is especially bad, cyclists have taken to carrying copies of local bicycle laws and handing them out to motorists who harass them. That is further than I personally would want to go. But it seems to me that some driver's ed initiative is in order - especially if a city is actively striving to be more "bicycle friendly."

Bad Form

Okay I did a Blog post, there were comments and I commented
 in reply to one those comments.
Someone has now copied and pasted my comment
as a post on their blog, They didnt take credit for the
post, they added this is  a real response and im not making it up.
Is that good form??? and should they be blasting it over all social
media sites that they belong to. Im a small blogger and get 50 hits
a day, this person blogs must get several hundred to a thousand.

I just never had that happen before and wondering if it's the
norm of the blogging community.

It's a Miracle!!!

I finally got the right end of the stick, and
I finally figured out something!!!! It took me
a while but I got there!!!!!!

[U.]The U-Man on Success

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Gotta Love Calvin and Hobbes

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cycling and Sun Damage

Though I have derived many benefits from cycling, the one drawback I am still struggling with is sun damage. During my first year on the bike as an adult, I thought that I was being pretty good about using sun protection, but noticed visible damage to my skin that seemed to be a direct result of cycling over the summer months. Darkened patches and wrinkles appeared in areas of my face and body that had been most exposed to the sun while cycling. And this was despite using high SPF sunblock and staying off the road during the hottest times of the day.

At some point last summer, I switched from chemical to physical sunblock (titanium dioxide or zinc oxide), which seems to have helped. My skin was sensitive to the chemical stuff, and some friends told me that 30SPF physical block worked better for them than 60+SPF chemical, as well as lasted considerably longer. I switched and found this to be true for me as well. Physical sunblock remains visible after application and looks kind of goofy, but at this point I couldn't care less and just want to ride my bike without wrecking my skin. After year two there was still some additional skin damage, but less than before.This summer I will try to be extra good about applying the sunblock as frequently as possible.

In speaking to long-time road cyclists about sun damage, I've learned that it is a common complaint - to the extent that some just accept it as inevitable, embrace their wrinkles and brown spots, and pay frequent visits to the dermatologist. I really don't want to believe that it has to be that way, but my own case has done nothing to prove them wrong. What has been your experience with sun damage as a result of cycling, and how do you deal with it?

Mansplaining: Worst Catchphrase Ever

There is a new catch phrase that is setting the Feminist
blogosphere a buzz. It's called "Mansplaining" it was
first used a couple of years ago, but in the past six
months it has taken off, and is widely and wrongly used
in debates.

Mansplaining means you are beginning condensing,
patronizing and feel that you are correct because you
are the man in the conversation.

How utterly ridiculous that concept is. It takes any
robust debate down to the gutter level, and is equivalent
to little kids who would scream out  "Your
an idiot" during arguments with their classmates.

 If there is a debate on any subject, it doesn't have to be
political, it could even be about Apples or Pears, if you
have a different opinion, a different point of view with
a poster, and that poster is female and you are
male, the word "MANSPLAINER" will be shouted
from the rooftops from anyone who disagrees
with your point of view.

For example just the other day there was a debate on the
always interesting "hand mirror" site, about if  the Hamilton Casino
is being honest about wanting to open 24/7 to attract high
end punters from Asia, or are they really after, the local's
money, which could lead to social economic problems.

I took the view that they are after the Visiting Asian Market,
while the poster "Stargazer" believe this wasn't the case and
they were after the local market, thus causing problems for
the local community.

Well, let the Mansplaining comments begin, apparently I was
Mansplaining, and then I was Mansplaining again by explaining
that I just have a different point of view.

Of course it wasn't a case of mansplaining, I was just
pointing out my thoughts on the subject, like the
poster "Stargazer" was pointing out their's.

I wonder how the posters would  of commented if I had
of  been a female? they couldn't use the term Mansplainer,
and that is where using the term Mansplainer falls down.

You are basically saying any male that is debating a female
on any given topic is a Mansplainer, and that is not even close to

Oh for the record, I thought the poster
"Stargazer" was male, although  it didnt matter to me what gender
she was.

It matters to some people though.

Snatch & Pulls

Swing & snatch warm-up with 14 and 24kg

Snatch 32kg: 3/3, 23/27
Lc with pressout 2x32kg: 3 (ugly)

Outside swings 2x24kg: 4x 10reps
Inside swings 2x24kg: 10reps

Some flips with 24kg

Snatches were the main dish this session. It became a left hand PR - I wanted to get past 20reps. Maybe, I could have squeesed out a few more reps on left. The 32kg snatches leads to systemic failure, after the first 20 reps, legs - especially calves - start to tremble. Heart beat is good, i.e. high. I don't think such short sets are ideal for GS. Still, it should be good for GPP, and I have done at least one long set with 20kg this week. I also need the 32kg sets for keeping the fun and motivation.

I hesisted to publish the snatch-video as my training clothes are ugly and I need a haircut. Well, here it is anyway: