Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sport Card Collectors MLB Promo

Along with our Monthly Contest Challenge, we thought it would be fun to also do an extra contest on the side. Now, there will only be one winner (maybe 2 read below). But it will be fun to see who that winner is.

Here is the promo:

You must let us know if you want in on this FREE contest by March 1st. We assume you do. The only thing you got to do is pick a team that is going to win the World Series. Each person gets one team. Once a team is chosen, that team is off from the list. A winner can only happen if a team that is chosen wins the World Series. So if we have 30 entries someone will win. We will only do 30 entries UNLESS WE CAN REACH 60 entries. So make sure you get your name in the hat as soon as possible! The first 30 will get first dibs on this contest unless we reach 60 entries then we will run two of them and figure out prizes and the set up from there.

Once you let us know that you are interested (comment below this post by March 1st), we will put your name on a list on a different post. When March 1st comes around, we will put all of the names on this list in a randomizer. Whoever the first person is gets first choice in picking any MLB team.  Then second person makes their selection and so on til every person on the list has chosen a team. We will have a different post for that that will show all of the contestants and all of the teams. The fun thing about baseball is that any team can win. Even the Royals. Sorry, Royals fans for that jab :)

By now you are probably asking, whats the prize going to be? At this point we don't know. It might be a combination of Star Player Cards, Inserts, rookies, maybe a couple of packs and a few game used or autos. We will figure that out closer to the World Series we get and we will make that announcement then.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERS! And let the teams ever play in your favor!

*Contest open to US Residents ONLY...Sorry!!


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