Saturday, February 16, 2013

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


The big news this week is that the Pope has decided to resign because he is simply too old to do the job. That is a stunning admission of weakness and humility. At 85, the Pope finds it difficult to maintain the vigorous schedule that is demanded of a pope. So, he has taken a very unusual move for a pope and will resign.

I think this will be a new tradition for future popes. The reality is that people live longer than ever before thanks to modern medicine and knowledge about diet and exercise. The current pope has always been a vigorous man of keen intellect, so he has undoubtedly done a lot of soul searching to reach this decision. At some point, you have to admit when you don't have what it takes to maintain the level of the job.

The sickening thing is that I have to read all the conspiracy theory crap on the internet followed by the aspirations of all the modernists hoping the next pope is some swinging gay dude who will allow abortion and contraception and gay marriage. My personal belief is that the pope has chosen this time to resign while he has set the Church on its present course than to risk a debilitating stroke that could leave the Church rudderless giving these modernists their opportunity to get what they wish. Though Pope Benedict will not interfere with the selection of his successor, his shadow will loom large over the proceedings without a doubt. It would be a terrible thing to get a bad pope at such a time as this. Pope Benedict is stepping aside so that a better man can assume the papacy. It would be horrible if we got a worse man instead.


This story is one of the more interesting ones I have heard. Basically, the LAPD screwed over a decent guy for crossing the blue line, and he took revenge. My take? Dorner did the wrong thing, but the LAPD had it coming. They are the dirtiest and more disgraceful police department in the country.

I have read Dorner's manifesto, and I believe his allegations. But his tragedy only shows to me the futility and stupidity of resorting to violence as a means to an end. What did Dorner achieve? He would have done better to have moved on with his life and reported his allegations to the media. Instead, he has become neither hero nor martyr but a deader than hell dumb ass who mixed his serious concerns with a lament that he would not live to see The Hangover 3.


This is a most perplexing story. You have a guy who triumphs over the adversity of being a double leg amputee to go on and become a sprinter known to the world as the "Blade Runner." But apparently, he could not overcome the adversity of living with his girlfriend, so he shot her dead. Wow. What a heartwarming tale there.

The reason a tale like this along with Lance Armstrong and others is so jolting is that we are all the victims of Nike's marketing department. We are made to believe that athletes are saints and heroes when they aren't even good human beings. Maybe Nike should do like New Balance and focus more on the products than on the people that wear those products.


--It is always good politics to call for raising the minimum wage. It puts you in the good guy column without actually doing anything about poverty.

--Smartwatches? I predict an epic failure and a blog post about the limits of tech. We are one small step away from the implantable chips in your brain.

--Iceland can try, but porn is forever sort of like roaches and Keith Richards.


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