Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19th, 2013

Today and tomorrow you will bid up to the amount of points you have. Meaning, if you have 41 points you can bid up to 41 points. However, use them wisely because you will lose the amount you bid and once you are at 0 you are eliminated from the contest. So if you bid 15 and get the game right, you will have 56 points. If you bid the game wrong, you will drop to 26. Remember also there is still one more day to go which is why we stress use your points wisely.

The second twist about the next two days is that the comments will be hidden. Thats right. It will be all about strategy here. You won't know who bid or guessed who. Only we will. ALL COMMENTS WILL BE IN MODERATION SO DON'T WORRY IF YOU DON'T SEE YOURS. We will approve all of the comments tomorrow and get ready for the grand finale!

The other twist if you want to call it one, is todays game as a NCAA game of Top 4 teams squaring off. So far this season no one has been able to hold the top spot..will this be the game they do? Or will they fall?

Good Luck...oh, and today is the LAST day newbies can join. You will earn 5 points for the right answer. 3 point for the wrong. FOR NEWBIES ONLY.

Who wins this NCAA Mens Game:

Indiana @ Michigan State

Entries due by 7:00 pm e.t.

*Contests open to US Residents only!


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